Video is an extension of my interest in photography

I think I will put the most recently published video on top, then when I add a new one, move the top-most one to its proper chronological spot. What do you think?

During May 2013 I went to DeLand, FL for a weekend to finish my glider instructor training (I went to take my checkride, for those get the exact words.) As always, when I had a chance to get some video of Amtrak or other interesting trains I took it. It took a year to get this edited and posted but I had a good reason; my father had a heart attack right after I got home, causing me to totally forget things like videos. Enjoy.

The end of October 2011 I had the chance to attend a two week course (the final two weeks of a four-week course I had started in August) in Norfolk, VA. There were several benefits to this: flying through Atlanta was cheaper than a regular government ticket, so I got to go home on two weekends while saving the government money, I got to visit a brother and his family in DC, and I got to see a nice dose of Amtrak around the nation's capital. Still pictures, too.

I made a quick trip to a planning conference in Tampa in April 2011. I realized while I was there there Amtrak served the city and the trains arrived and departed at reasonable times of the day. Tampa Union Station hosted the Silver Meteor and Silver Star during the height of the streamliner era. I have an album of still pictures as well.

I was able to make a quick trip to Danville, VA, the weekend of September 24-25 to attend the N scale modular event there. I think I actually spent more time driving each way than I did looking at trains. Hmmm. Still, it was fun to see people I hadn't seen for a few years; glad I went!

I visited Philadelphia during a four-day pass while preparing to deploy to Iraq in 2008. I was able to make some arrangements to go trackside below Penn Station (?) and get some good video without too much blocking the way. I got some feedback from my first effort at an Amtrak video and took it to heart. This one is a bit longer, but is edited to be, I hope, a bit faster paced.

I was in Washington, DC, for a week of politicking in 2000. While I was there I made a couple of visits to Union Station to take some pictures. This short video is a result of my daytime trip there. This video includes AEM-7's, Amfleet cars, Heritage Fleet cars, an ex-Metroliner cab car, P40's, and more.