Readers' Favorite Links

Kato F40PHMANY PEOPLE suggested that I include links here, and I've often done that. Also, I've found interesting links on other people's sites and have included them here for ease of use in the future. It's amazing to me how much information is available for hobbiests online. Feel free to suggest useful links for inclusion here.

Leo Bicknell's Reality Reduced

Diesel Detailer Forum - I'm not a member, and it's mostly HO but lots of useful info for projects.

Steam Era Freight Cars - hasn't been updated in a while, but contains some useful prototype information.

N Scale in German

A neat website in German about building modules that don't look like everyone else's

Worcester 'N' Gaugers (UK)

Baltimore Area NTRAK

Zealot Hobby Forum - more than just trains

Railroad Line Forums

Kalmbach's Various Forums

Tips & Trivia, what else can I say?

Make a Hot Wire Foam Cutter from Instrucables

Amazing SMD lighting from Germany - worth a look

"Each one teach one," a collection of clinics

US Prototype Convention in Germany

Don Crano's Model Railroading with DCC

DCC Pocket Tester

Streamliner Schedules - neat timetables

LEDs and Surface Mount Device Lighting

British page on lighting buildings

Acrylic Display Shelves

George Irwin's Atlas First Generation (A1G) Reference

Class 1 Railroad Roster

LEDs and Surface Mount Device Lighting

Casting Clinic

Baltimore Area NTRAK

Train Magazine Index

Union Pacific Passenger Car Data

British NTRAK and oNeTRAK

Foam Layout Clinic

Model Railroading with DCC

Wiring for DCC

Tony's Trains DCC Primer

Track and Electrical/DCC expert tricks

DCC Manufacturer - CVP Products

DCC Manufacturer - Digitrax

DCC Manufacturer - Lenz

DCC Manufacturer - NCE

DCC Manufacturer - TCS

Ten Reasons to go DCC

American layouts in France

Bill Denton's Kingsbury Branch

Craig Zeni's Links

da Trains! references and resources!

Darrell Sawyer's Pictures

Dave Bott's Links

Live Trains

Mississippi Valley N Scalers (St. Louis)

Nashville NTRAK

Neat Train lighting information

National Model Railroad Association

Operating with DCC (NC Club)

Paul Bender's Intermodal Model Improvements

Plano Texas Modular Club

Railroads of the Cagy Transportation Family - Derrick Davis

Sam MacCall's S.E. railroad FAQ

Showcase - Express

Steam Locomotive Dot Com

Unofficial Micro-Trains Release Report

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