Bachmann's New N Scale Amfleet car

Here's a quick look at a partially disassembled Bachmann Amfleet car. I just got the cars and am looking forward to tinkering with them. I've ordered some Mocalova Model Works coupler adapters to install Micro-Trains couplers on the cars. I took these pictures using a Nikon D100 digital SLR with a 105mm macro lens and the camera's on-camera flash. Please enjoy these pictures but don't consider them to be "product photography" since they are far more "journalistic" in speed and quality than they are suitable for publication.

Side view of a Bachmann N Scale Amfleet Car with its chassis removed.This is the new Bachmann Amfleet car with the chassis removed. There are five (!) screws that have to be removed to get the bottom off. It was quite a puzzle to find them all. Note how good the printing is on this car. If I hadn't compressed the jpegs to speed loading online you would quite easily read the fine writing on the car.
Bottom view of the Bachmann Amfleet Car without its chassis.This picture clearly shows the electrical contacts for the interior lighting, the clip that holds the operating diaphragm in place, and a bit of red plastic that looks like an effort to illuminate the car's marker lights. The diaphragm turned out to be easy to remove, if not a bit fragile, and it should be black rather than silver.
Interior lighting assembly.The interior lighting and the car's interior are integrated into a single assembly that is just a simple friction fit into the car. It comes out easily once the chassis is off.
Bachmann Amfleet CarThe other end of the light board says "LED 1" so I'm intrigued by the mention of 1 & 4 but there are only two LEDs. I haven't yet taken the tape off to see if there are more underneath. I don't know why the ends of the clear light guide are painted orange/yellow
Bachmann Amfleet Car
Bachmann Amfleet Car
Bachmann Amfleet CarThe marker lights have red plastic behind them, but it doesn't look like there is a good path for light to reach them. This will require a bit more experimentation/disassembly too. The brass strip acts as a spring to make the diaphragm operate.
Bachmann Amfleet Car
Bachmann Amfleet CarThe end of the car shows much nicer looking marker lights than its earlier sibling (what am I going to do with all those earlier cars now?).

Day two of dissection

Bachmann Amfleet Car.This is the car's interior with the lighting board removed. The brass strips connect with the pin-contacts in the picture(s) below.
Bachmann Amfleet Car.The lighting board is held to the "light distributor" (for lack of a better word) by two small pieces of silver foil tape. This is the underside. The orange/yellow painted ends line up with the rear of the marker lights, but seem to have no purpose for the paint.
Bachmann Amfleet Car.
Bachmann Amfleet Car.You can see the clear LED in this pictures, along with an oddly shaped black item that I can't identify. Do you know what it is?
Bachmann Amfleet Car.These four resisters are in the middle of the underside of the board.
Bachmann Amfleet Car.The clear LED is barely visible, though the reflection on its leads is pretty bright.
Bachmann Amfleet Car.Day two's pictures were taken with this simple setup here. I used the sheet of printer paper as a cyclorama, a seamless backdrop. The camera was on a tripod and I used a Nikon SB800 flash rather than the camera's built-in mini-flash that I used in the earlier pictures. I think you can tell a difference.
Bachmann Amfleet Car.Test Shot
Bachmann Amfleet Car.Test Shot

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