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Railfan info for the state of Georgia

I ARRIVED in Georgia just after Thanksgiving in 1980. It's hard to imagine that I came for a visit 30 years ago and am still here. I stumbled across a job, started back to college, and time has rushed by. Shortly after I got interested in model railroading (again) in 1995, I discovered the book "CSX and its Predecessors in Color" by Doug Nuckels. That book started a long-term, on-going fascination with the railroads that operated in the southeastern United States, particularly Georgia and South Carolina, during the heyday of post-war railroading.

The Georgia Railfan has interesting, useful information on CSX and Norfolk Southern today as well as some good links for railfan sites across the state. I don't know who maintains the site; I emailed twice to request permission to use the really neat picture of CSX crossing NS in Junction City, GA, but never received an answer. Georgia's Railroad History and Heritage is very interesting. There are many depots and historic sites across the state that can still be found that point the way to the past - our heritage.

Previous N Scale Websites of the Week

Lee Weldon's Superb Western Maryland Layout

Lee Weldon's super WM layoutLee has numerous construction projects on his web pages. You will find information about modeling the Western Maryland in N scale as well as some prototype information. Lee's photography and modeling are excellent. Take a look at his scratchbuilt roundhouse series while you are! Lee offers some etched brass conversion parts to make WM's well known chop-nose Geeps.

Ric Keller

A sample from Ric Keller's Pictures Ric Keller responded to my request for suggestions with this link to his pictures online. The level of detail in the modeling is great and the quality of the photography is just as good! If you like passenger trains you might want to take a look at the beginnings of my effort to gather data to model the passenger trains I like.

I have decided to try something I hope will be fun for visitors and point them in the direction of model railroad related (mostly N scale) websites that they might not otherwise have come across.

I hope that visitors will find some inspiration in the site(s) I will bring here. I'd be glad to take recommendations for this page if you want to send me something.

John Sing models Santa Fe

John Sing's ATSF PAs Well-travelled John Sing has quite a collection of pictures from various conventions and displays around the world. He also has a number of tutorials on his site including lowering a microtrains boxcar and (something on my wishlist) improving the Bachmann full dome. John's Santa Fe-oriented site will give a greater appreciation for what's out there. Take a look.

Steve's Erie Lackawanna layout logo One of the things I would like to have on a layout is a nice engine facility with turntable and roundhouse. Steve Shanks' Erie Lackawanna layout has an engine terminal that looks just like what I imagine my own could be, except his is real and mine is still in the wishful thinking category. Take a look, and I think you will be impressed too. Steve uses DCC to operate his turntable. The rest of his site is equally worth visiting. Steve hosts this site on his own web server, so the techno geek part of me is jealous! Take a look; I don't think you will be disappointed.

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