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I started putting a photo gallery together while I was deployed to Iraq 2008-2009. This gallery will contain pictures that I will try to group by themes. No promises that the groupings will make sense to anyone else!

I am an unabashed fan of trains. I'll admit that a modern unit train of coal cars doesn't do much for me, but I like pretty much everything else. One of the larger sections will ultimately be the train pictures.

DURING THREE weeks from late-October to mid-November I had the chance to do four neat things. I completed the last two weeks (of four) of the Joint Information Operations Planners Course in Norfolk, Virginia. I visited my family on the weekends before and after the class, by flying through Atlanta instead of Newark (saving the government money!). I visited Family and friends in Virginia. And, the topic of this page, I was able to get to the Washington, DC, area and still pictures and video of Amtrak trains in Alexandria, Woodbridge, and Fredericksburg.OK, it was really five things; I got a glider ride with the Tidewater Soaring Society. I wish I had known about them when I was stationed in Norfolk '85-89!

The Atlantic Coast Line's famous Silver Star and Silver Meteor once served Tampa's Union Station. Today Amtrak's Silver Star provides daily service north to Washington, DC, and south to Miami. I had the chance to see the train three times while there in April 2011. I got some video too. For the first time ever I took some good notes of the trains' consists and made a PDF of them. (4/11/11)

The South Carolina Railroad reached Branchville in 1832. Branchville then became the first railroad junction in the world when the railroad company extended its rails on to Hamburg, across the Savannah River from Augusta, Georgia and to the north, to Orangeburg and Columbia. The "Best Friend," the first steam railroad in the South, if not in the United States, hauled freight and passengers over the Charleston to Hamburg line through Branchville. When the train depot (now a museum) was in use, three presidents stopped by the depot: William H. Taft, William McKinley, and Teddy Roosevelt. (10/28/10)


Amtrak was created by the federal government in 1971 as a way to prop up the nation's declining rail passenger service. I first rode Amtrak on a trip from Columbus, OH, to St. Louis, MO, and return in 1974. I made the same trip the following year as well. It was not the high point of Amtrak's service! I have old negatives and/or slides of those trips that I can eventually scan and post. I'll start with pictures of Amtrak's Peachtree Station in Atlanta. It's an interesting building; the album page tells some of its history. (10/25/10)

The 2004 NTRAK convention in Chantilly, VA, was very exciting. I took a lot of pictures while I was there. Some ended up in N Scale magazine, Railmodel Craftsman, the German N scale magazine N Bahn Magazin, and even a Japanese magazine.Santa Fe is well represented at NTRAKThis modular layout was the biggest in the world. I made two trips around one evening. It took two hours to make the entire circuit, not counting the time it took for pictures. That was a big layout! I gave a clinic on writing for the hobby press; I'd like to know someday if anyone took what I shared and turned it into an article. (10/25/10)

Located near Beaufort, SC, the small town of Yemassee is an interesting place for many reasons. Picture of Amtrak locomotive P42 number 136Today's reason, though, is its small station served twice a day by Amtrak. Yemassee was the traditional rail stop for US Marine Corps recruits on their way to Parris Island for boot camp.They got off the train and were picked up by drill sergeants for a bus ride to "PI." On this particular visit I had the chance to photograph Amtrak's Silver Meteor make its passenger stop. For people who are interested, I think it would be easy to make a fairly accurate model of this train as I saw it that day. (3/28/09)

dsc_0150.jpgOne of my favorite parts of Georgia is the southwestern part of the state near Columbus. I have been here several times for Georgia Science Teacher Association meetings as well as to visit the FDR memorial and Little White House in Warm Springs as well as nearby Callaway Gardens in LaGrange. I have an album set up from both my first trip (2004) and the second trip (2007) to Callaway. (10/28/10)

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