I've been trying to get arranged in my room the last few days. I don't have much storage space, and I have a lot put to put away. So far, I have unloaded two duffle bags, a large rucksack, and a small backpack. I still have two duffle bags and a footlocker on the way. Where will it all go! The pictures below will give you a view of my room and some of my stuff. You will find the description by each picture.

This is my room to the left. The picture was taken from the opposite corner with the widest angle lens I have. You can see that the room is not that big. The right edge of the right hand nightstand is the middle of the room! Here at Camp Cropper there are generally three people to a room; thankfully Lieutenant Colonels and above only have one roommate. The room has one single bed and one set of bunk beds. My roommate is my boss the chief of staff. I'm glad he and I get along well. There are three nightstands and three wall lockers in the room. You see the "Improved Operational Tactical Vest" (IOTV) at the end of my bed. In my opinion there is nothing improved about it at all, I much preferred the one I had earlier. I do keep it right where you see - not because I think I might need it - but because it doesn't fit anywhere else. Once we finish replacing our soon-to-be predecessors I will keep it in my office along w/ my helmet.

The two wall lockers to the right cover the one small window, but there's no where else to put them. I am using the left wall locker for my stuff and have put a couple duffles in the right one. My roommate is using a third wall locker and top bunk for his storage. You can see how little space there is between the end of the bed and the lockers. I'm not kidding when I say the room is small. That's my large rucksack on top. I could live out of that thing for a couple weeks. Come to think of it, I have!

I know, you think this picture is staged, don't you? Well, is it? Hmmm... I really did need to disassemble, clean, and inspect the pistol. The IOTV really does live on my bed for the time being. And clearly I have to use the computer to write this note! (It's actually working on video as it sits there in the picture). OK, I did straighten the covers, and I thought I straightened the shoes. As I write this, the magazines are reloaded and back in the various pouches and the pistol is back together. My trusty Mac is a dusty Mac but working well so far. The dust here is so fine that a broom barely gets it, so it coats everything - room, computer, pistol, cars, air conditioners and coats everything outside.

A close up of the gear. So, is it staged? Only "Cecile B. de Pitts" knows for sure. But the room is clean!

How do you say, "Mi casa, su casa" in Arabic? I have no idea and am not likely to learn. However, I hope you enjoyed seeing "how the other half lives" or where I lay my head at night. I'm not sending out any invitations for a housewarming party, but I'm happy to share the pictures! :)