My Deployment Photo Gallery

The graphic to the left is from an actual sign at the "Green Door," the doorway between the Green or international Zone of Baghdad and the "red," or dangerous zone, that includes the Central Criminal Court of Iraq. I got to this side of the door from the other side; patriotic Iraqis risk their lives to prosecute criminals and establish a democracy in their country.

I took a picture of the sign, straightened it out as best I could, cleaned up the scuffs and scraps in Photoshop, smoothed out the colors, and finally added a drop shadow to it. It took about 45 minutes and was fun to do. I learned a lot about the new version of the software while working on it.

November 17, 2008 marked my third trip to the "IZ" to visit the Iraqi High Tribunal. Someday I'll be able to exlain why I made all these trips. In the mean time, know that I am working hard at being safe and getting my job done. Most of the time when I go on a convoy outside of my Forward Operting Base (FOB) I will take my camera. On this day I think I got some good pictures! I took pictures on my first trip to the International Zone, too.

I am no longer in this room, but the one I've moved into is exactly the same except for nicer wall lockers.

At least once a month we conducted a ceremonial detainee release called Lion's Dawn. The G6 shop was responsible for the sound system and a "media box" that allowed international news media members to record the sound through the sound system itself rather than the speakers. Thankfully, this equipment always worked well. We had to fight off a lot of groups that wanted to use our $25,000 system for their own events. I rarely permitted this because of the risk to the hardware.

I left our training in Texas earlier than most to get to Iraq early. It was 126 degrees when I arrived in Kuwait! One day, I got a cold bottle of water from the rec center. As I drank the water on the way back to my room at noon, it got warmer and warmer. Eventually, just from the sun shining into the bottle it became too hot to drink!

We had a four-day pass in Pennsylvania before leaving for Texas. I took advantage of that to visit the Pennsylvania Railroad Museum which was really neat. I also got a chance to take pictures at Philadelphia Railroad Station. Who says Amtrak isn't interesting? I have some video I'd like to get up here some time too.

Until I put this page up, when you went to "Gallery" you simple got a directory listing of pictures. It's time to make something better looking. This isn't ready for "prime time" yet, but I'd like to get the latest pictures out for people to see.